Gynecological Surgeries

Endoscopic (closed surgical method) Surgeries

• In the obstetrics department, all gynecological surgeries can be performed with closed (endoscopic) surgical methods, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic methods.
• Gynecological surgeries performed with the hysteroscopic method – Hysteroscopic Adhesiolysis (Opening the adhesions in the uterus with the hysteroscopic method)
• Hysteroscopic Polypectomy (Removal of polyps in the uterus by hysteroscopic method)
• Hysteroscopic Myomectomy (Removal of tumors in the uterus by hysteroscopic method)
• Hysteroscopic Septum (The hysteroscopic cutting of the bands in the uterus is performed with laparoscopy)
• Diagnostic Hysteroscopy (It is applied together with laparoscopy in cases of unexplained infertility – inability to have children.)

Vaginal Surgeries

• Vaginal Hysterectomy (Removal of the uterus and or ovaries from the vaginal route)
• Cystocele Repair (repair of sagging in the bladder)
• Rectocele Repair (Repairing the sagging of the last part of the intestine into the vagina)

Oncological Surgeries

It includes surgeries for gynecological cancers. Surgery is performed for endometrial (uterus) and ovarian (ovarian) cancers.